Ground Operations Supervisor

Job description

The role of the Ground Operations Supervisor is to monitor and regulate workflow, and support compliance through quality assurance of procedures, reporting and data, and regular verification of operations.


  • Follow up and organize the workflow in all matters relating to ground operations, including:
    • Supervising the inspection areas

    • Supervising the transfer of cars between warehouses

    • Receipt and delivery of vehicles for after sales operations

    • Follow up of insurance claims for each process received

    • Including maintenance procedures for storage vehicles

    • CAR TRUST reporting

    • Preparing inventory reports.

  • Monitor individual performance of subordinate employees and monitor all unfinished activities.
  • Ensuring security and safety procedures in the stores in accordance with the procedures and quality requirements specified on the operating units.
  • Identify potential risks in the safety system by frequently assessing operational services against operating standards
  • Reporting important issues affecting the safety of operations to the Director of Ground Operations.
  • Preparing all reports related to operations and safety and submitting them to the direct manager.
  • Implementation of corrective safety action plans to help the company achieve a significant reduction in damages.
  • Responsible for forecasting, monitoring the operational needs, and submitting them to the line manager.
  • Ensure the completion of the time required for each procedure taken in the auction system.
  • Coordination of procedures between departments
  • Ensure the quality of work procedures.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in any relevant discipline.
  • At least 5 years experience.
  • Proficiency in English.